Halal Wedding Catering

Selecting a Halal Catering company for weddings and reception ceremonies for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi weddings in the UK can be full of choice. Here's how to go about looking for a halal wedding caterer.

A little history for those who don't know what Halal means:

Halal is an Arabic term which means lawful or permissible. It is generally associated with consuming meat and poultry under the permission of Islamic religion and Muslim dietary laws. Islam only allows having the meat of animals slaughtered according to the way prescribed in Shariah i.e according to the laws derived from the Holy Quran.

What Are Halal Weddings And Halal Wedding Catering

Halal weddings are performed according to the rules set by Islamic religion. These types of marriages are quite ritualistic and complicated. There are several rules to be followed. For example, a Muslim male who is going to wed needs to sign a legal license with the father of the bride. Also the groom has to agree to pay a fixed amount of money known as Mohr in order to marry the bride.  Halal food and separate rooms for males and females should be provided in Halal weddings. Halal wedding catering specializes in managing these Halal weddings with all the rules and traditions.

Why Need Halal Wedding Catering

The population of Muslims is high in most part of the world and is increasing. Especially in UK and Midland regions Muslims are in abundance. In fact Islam is the second biggest religion in most of the Counties of UK like England and Wales. The same is true for London too. Muslim people here are immigrants from South Asia and contribute to the London population significantly. Majority of the Muslim community in UK and other parts of world are very strict about their religious laws and follow Halal food standards. The weddings of Muslim people are governed by Islamic rules and are known as Halal weddings. You must know the importance of catering in a function like wedding which is once in a life time event. Choosing catering for Halal wedding is crucial and difficult as they are complicated. The best option for you would be to choose Halal wedding catering providers who are experts in hosting and managing Halal weddings. Halal wedding catering service providers would be mindful of their responsibilities and would take extra care while planning the event. So you need Halal wedding catering for making your wedding a perfect and enjoyable occasion to be cherished by your family and friends.

What Should You Check While Choosing Halal Wedding Catering

Definitely you would be very excited and hopeful about your wedding day. You would be expecting your wedding function to be well managed, pleasurable a and memorable event. For providing all the facilities and luxuries to your guests, you must be thinking of choosing the services of a good and professional Halal wedding catering service provider. This is not an easy task. You can easily get bewildered by the attractive offerings and discounts of various Halal wedding catering companies. For example, there is a lot of Asian Halal wedding catering companies providing services in London and other cities of UK.
There are different things you should check before selecting Halal wedding catering services.

  • Halal Food Service: The Halal wedding catering firm you are going to choose must be an expert in providing excellent Halal food services. Preparing delectable Halal meals is time consuming and need good knowledge of Islamic laws. Halal food is void of pork and any other derivatives of it. Alcohol is not permissible in Islam too. Halal food permissible by Islamic dietary laws is offered to Allah first and then consumed by the people. Also Muslim followers are not allowed to consume the blood and it’s by products. So these things should be strictly followed by the Halal wedding catering providers. Halal food is the heart and soul of Halal weddings and hence extreme care should be taken by chefs and culinary staff to prepare it. There are different caterers operating in UK who provide delicious Halal food derived from Indian, Afghani and Pakistani cuisines.
  • Venue Arrangements:  The venue for Halal weddings needs to be comfortable and according to the Islamic traditions.  There are some conventional social obligations with such weddings which require separate rooms for males and females. Many companies providing services for Halal wedding catering in UK and Midland regions reserve some locations for Halal weddings specifically. Also rooms for prayer and eating purpose should be arranged. The Halal wedding catering company you are choosing must be capable enough to manage all such venue related issues. Traditional Muslim weddings were hosted by bride’s family but today the people are tending to be more diversified regarding the wedding venue, but at the same time adherence to the rituals is must. So your Halal wedding catering provider should look for smart and elegant venue selection.
  • Ingredients Selection: The Halal wedding catering that you consider should provide special attention and precautions while selecting ingredients for preparing Halal food. Actually Muslim followers are very particular about the meat they consume. It would be according to the guidelines provided by Qur’an and Islamic law. According to the laws specified in Qur’an, meat of carnivores and dead animals is strictly prohibited. Also the method of slaughtering the animals should be according to the laws too which is believed to be less painful and stressful for the animal. These precautions regarding animal meat while preparing Halal food must be managed by the Halal wedding caterers correctly. There are various Halal food grocers in UK and its cities like London who provide authentic Halal meat to different Halal wedding catering companies.

As weddings are becoming grander and people are open to spend good amount of money on weddings, the demand for Halal wedding catering is increasing. There are other methods for judging the authenticity of Halal wedding catering providers too. There are some Islamic organizations that provide Halal certificate to the Halal wedding catering providers. This Halal Certificate is a recognition to the organization that their products are acceptable by Islamic laws and do not contain any prohibited ingredients.