Menus for Indian Weddings and Indian Caterers

India has got a rich mix of cultures and religions characterized by their own rituals, traditions and customs. The traditions and practice of performing weddings also vary according to these different cultures. Though there are diversities in wedding customs among the different communities in India, one thing is common. That is the zest and excitement with which Indian weddings are celebrated in UK.

Also the talk about Indian weddings in UK is incomplete without the discussion of delicious meals served in them. Indian wedding catering menus are quite diversified, in fact are an assortment of cuisines. Today lot of Indians are settled in UK and its Midland regions but their weddings reflect the same Indian vibrancy and exuberance.

Why You Need Indian Wedding Catering

Marriages are surely the grandest event in India and remembered by the hosts as well as guests for long. For managing such expansive and extremely important day of your life, you should look for the professional help regarding Indian wedding catering. Catering services would allow you to relax and enjoy the wedding. There are lots of things which contribute towards a successful wedding party and the most important of them is scrumptious and tasty food. For crafting a good quality menu according to your preferences and taste, you need extra effort for sure. Professional touch of a good Indian wedding caterer would certainly improve the standard and quality of your wedding menu.

Indian weddings are famous for their mouth watering cuisines. Also the Indian wedding catering menus are packed with variety of dishes with delectable taste. So to satisfy the taste buds of your guests, you should select a good Indian wedding caterer who provides delightful Indian wedding catering menus. Even if you reside in UK, you can include the Indian wedding catering menus in your event as many Indian wedding caterers are operating in UK. For example in London and other regions of UK, there is an impressive network of Indian wedding catering companies.

Basic Ingredients Of Indian Wedding Catering Menus

In traditional Indian weddings, a skilled cook was called for the preparation of wedding meals but as weddings are becoming more expansive and grander, people are opting of wedding catering service providers. The Indian wedding catering menus offered by wedding caterers has three basic categories:

  • Starters Or Appetizers:  Appetizers and drinks are served to the guests as the wedding function commences. Indian wedding catering menus comprised of both vegetarian and non vegetarian starters in order to fulfill the need of all types of guests. Drinks include wines, cocktails, mock tails and soft drinks. You should also include light and semi fried starters in your wedding menu in order to serve the dietary needs of guests who resist consuming high calorie snacks.
  • Main Course Meals:  This category of Indian wedding catering menus is popular world wide especially in London, Canada and some parts of UK. Main course meals comprise of a variety of vegetables, curries and daals. Different types of Salads, breads, rice dishes like biryanis, curd items and non-vegetarian dishes also form a part of main course meals. You must check the variety of breads and rice dishes in the menu offered by your wedding caterer.
  • Desserts: Desserts are the last course of meal offered in Indian wedding catering menus. These delicacies just complete the whole session with their delicious and sweet taste. Many people, especially children, have a penchant for sweet dishes and dessert satisfy their sweet tooth perfectly.

Types Of Indian Wedding Catering Menus

It would be really interesting to discuss the types of Indian wedding catering menus. Actually in the Indian weddings, considerable emphasis is given to the quality and variety of food. Even an Indian who is living in London would prefer to include Indian delicacies in his wedding menu or in any other event. So the first requirement of a good Indian wedding caterer is to offer excellent gourmet and hence they should take extra care while crafting Indian wedding catering menus. The types of Indian wedding catering menus are strongly influenced by the region and culture of bride and groom’s families and differ from one state to another. But the use of aromatic spices and ingredients is the integral step while preparing any cuisine.

Some types of Indian wedding catering menus are discussed below:

  • Menu Of North Indian Weddings: North India is known for its spicy and pungent flavored dishes. The North Indian wedding catering menus are comprised of variety of flavorful vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Some popular dishes are Shahi Paneer made up of Indian cheese, Dal Makhni which is a spicy curry of pulses, biryanis, pulavs and non vegetarian items like Butter chicken.
  • Menu Of South Indian Weddings: South Indian wedding catering menus are very different from those offered by North India caterers. Rice dominates the main course south Indian meal and varieties of rice dishes like Coconut Rice, Lemon Rice or Curd Rice are served. Sambhar, different types of chatnis, Curd and Rasam also constitute the menu. The interesting thing about south Indian weddings is that food is served on banana leaves to the guest sitting down in a row.
  • Menu Of East Indian Weddings:  East Indian wedding catering menus consist of variety of fish preparations. Also sweets like rasogulla, malpua are an important part of East Indian menus.
  • Menu of North East weddings: In North east states like Tripura and Assam, non vegetarian dishes are integral part of wedding menu, especially fish items. In vegetarian dishes, bamboo shoots are also used which provide a unique flavor to the dish. Rice dishes too have major influence on North East Indian wedding catering menus.

Many Indian people are settled in UK today, but a personal and family affair like marriage requires traditional touch and especially in the case of meals. There are different Indian caterers in UK offering Indian wedding catering menus. The menus offered by them are a perfect combination of traditional Indian meals and some world popular cuisines. For example, some Indian caterers in London specialize in providing Punjabi or Guajarati wedding menus along with Chinese and Lebanese cuisines.