Indian Wedding Catering

Indian weddings are vibrant and elaborate social occasions. Also, they are also most chaotic, extravagant and exciting.

Planning Mega Weddings With Indian Wedding Catering Services

Indian weddings are vibrant and elaborate social occasions. Also, they are also most chaotic, extravagant and exciting. For Indians this particular social function is enormously significant, and hence the family gears up for a mega event once a date for the auspicious wedding ceremony gets fixed.  

Now arranging this mega event is a daunting task. Several important factors have to be considered to make this gala event a grand success. Even in England Indian weddings are never short and simple. Indians in UK celebrate the marriages of their sons and daughters with pomp and grandeur and thus discussions, deliberations and even bickering over simple issues begin as soon the date is announced.

Organize Yourself And The Wedding Will be a Success

First and foremost you must have of a clear understanding of your budget and allocate funds for the different rituals and functions, shopping, gifts, dresses, catering, venue, decorations and miscellaneous expenses like flowers, sweets etc. Once you have arranged the funds for all these purposes, other things will fall in line. You may begin planning for the wedding right away. It is important that you first draw up a list of things to do. This will help you keep track of things that have not been taken care off. Strike out things that have already been dealt with.

You must also make a list of all the invitees and a list of items that you will have to shop for the occasion. The word ‘shopping’ is like music to most of us. But remember when we venture out on a shopping spree, we seldom pay attention to our budget. Weddings are expensive affairs, so allocate a fund for shopping. Splurging might result in severe cash shortages afterwards. Among Indians, it is customary to give gifts to the grooms family members during weddings. Therefore you must keep in mind these additional expenses also.

The next important thing is deciding the wedding venue. In London and adjacent areas, venues get booked well in advance for ceremonial purposes. You may lose your coveted venue if you are not proactive. Therefore if you think that a venue is ideal for the wedding, book the venue without delays.

Engaging a reputed Indian wedding catering firm must be your next agenda. In London and the counties, plenty of Indian wedding catering firms operate and provide top class services to their clients. They offer platters at varying rates. Now you must consider the composition of your invitees before deciding the menu for the wedding. Thus employ an Indian wedding catering company that can provide all sorts of platter ranging from Indian, Chinese, and Continental etc.
Remember that some guests might be traveling to UK from India or from other parts of the world, and hence do not skip booking rooms for their stay if your house does not have sufficient rooms for them.

You will have to divide the responsibility of arranging the event between different members of the family. Believe me, wedding is a Herculean task and cannot be managed single handedly even if you are left with ample time.

What Happens You Do Not Have Enough People

If you lack manpower to handle the hassle that come tangled with every Indian wedding, there is a solution. The easy way out is to book a hotel banquet hall and instruct the manage what you need. You can simply leave the mammoth task to hotels. The hotel management will look into every detail.

Also there are some renowned Indian wedding catering firms that run event management companies as  a side business or  have tie ups with such companies. You can entrust them with the task of arranging the entire event. But engaging them is expensive sometimes. You must produce these firms with a list of all your requirements and ask them to quote for the event. Do not be disappointed if the prices appear over the top to you. You will find plenty of such firms and surely you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for the cherished occasion.

What To Expect From The Event Managers And The Indian Wedding Catering Firms

The event management firms pounce into action with extreme professionalism and execute impeccably the responsibilities that they have been entrusted with.  They look after everything starting from acquiring wedding venues and making them look outstanding with floral decorations, draperies, curtains, lighting and music creating an ecstatic ambience for the auspicious occasion. In fact they beautify the venue and the surroundings so that the occasion is long remembered by hosts and guests alike. They also take charge of the special pre wedding occasions like sangeet, haldi, mehendi and provide excellent décor and ensure that the guests get complete comfort, and savor the intricate and beautiful ambience.

You can also ask the company to arrange concerts and fests on the occasion and they will make the necessary arrangements. During the week long rituals, your guest’s culinary desires will be satisfied with an exhaustive choice of authentic Indian and continental cuisines. Indian wedding caterings firms mostly live up to the expectations of their valued customers, so do not worry.

Indians Wedding Catering Firms - Equipped To Handle Pressure

Indian wedding catering services have teams of highly efficient cooks and waiters at their disposal. They carry raw materials and utensils along with them to the site to start cooking. Their target is to provide first-rate service from the time guests begin to appear. They are accompanied by supervisors who ensure that complaints are looked into and comforts of the guests are given priority.

How To Select The Best Indian Wedding Catering Firm

There are numerous Indian Wedding catering companies operating from London and the suburbs. Make arrangements with a firm which is recommended for its hygienic standards and is run by highly efficient and sophisticated catering management professionals who keep a close watch to maintain standards and rise to the occasion. Make sure that the waiters are well dressed and courteous, and discuss whether the staff of the Indian wedding catering firm will clear the leftovers and clean the mess once the occasion is over. Food quality and taste must also be first grade. Sign a contract with the Indian wedding catering firm, which meets these conditions.