Indian Wedding Food and Catering

Preparing for an upcoming wedding in the UK? Well, you need to make a lot of preparations, such as wedding planner, wedding theme, wedding food catering, wedding decorations, wedding guests and the list is endless. The essential part of any wedding planning is searching for a wedding food catering provider – cheap and the best.

However, catering is considered the most expensive part of a wedding extravaganza in the UK. Therefore, it is important to do a lot of research in this regard and talk to different wedding food catering providers to ensure that the caterer will serve your guests as his own and not give them a chance to remorse.

Some wedding venues in London provide food catering services as well. Therefore, enquire about this from your venue host. If they do, there is no need to worry. But ensure that the host is not clever enough to add to your expenses even items that you don’t need, which might escalate your budget. Else, you can look for a separate wedding catering provider. There is a lot to look for in a wedding food catering provider before finalising one.

Searching Right Wedding Catering Service Providers in London

As wedding is a very special occasion in life, you need it to be the one free from any tension or trouble. Adding to your trouble on the wedding day can be an incompetent wedding caterer. Therefore, it becomes essential to look for one who can fulfil all your choices and tastes at an affordable price. Try to look for the wedding food catering provider online, which has a plethora of such caterers, some of which will be specialists, while some others generalists. The choice is yours. You need to select the one according to your taste, keeping in mind the bride, groom and the guests. On the Internet, if you find one fitting your budget, try contacting him in person soon. Ask him if he can provide with some references of the weddings where he had provided his catering services. Try contacting some of the references given by the caterer. Only after validating his credentials should you finalise one in London.

What To Ask For In The Menu?

Once you finalise your wedding food catering provider, you need to look what menu you will like to serve. Your menu primarily depends on the choices of families of bride and groom; you don’t want to serve anything to which any one of them is allergic, else that will really present a very bad picture. Keep in mind that it is their day and you need to serve them the best.

Next is the turn of your wedding guests, who, too, like the bride and the groom need to be given importance. Though you cannot keep counting on everyone’s likes and dislikes, you can always reach consensus on some of the delicacies that are a favourite of all and sundry. You can keep both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, as you will find a number of guests going for the former and a number going for the latter.

Best And Affordable : Wedding Food Catering

Food and beverages come in different varieties. Your choice of one will depend on the size of your pocket and your wish list. You go for such delicacies that will be liked by all and not cost you much, either.  Ask your wedding food catering provider in the UK if he can give you some idea on the same. See to it that the caterer gives you the right kind of advice, not something that will escalate your budget the other way. It is up to you to decide whether you implement his suggestion or just listen to it and forget it. You can always turn down their suggestions if you don’t approve of them. After all, it is your choice that matters and it is your pocket that will have to do all the spending.

Provision For Cooking In The Venue: Wedding Food Catering

How big is the wedding venue in London? Is there any provision for cooking facilities there? If no, does your caterer have his own cooking space, where he can cook as well as store the delicacies? If yes, does he have proper refrigeration and storage facilities? Is the storage and cooking unit spick and span? Are there any rodents? If you can get a space in the wedding venue itself for wedding food catering services, they can prepare the food and other items there – at least, you will be sure that the venue is clean and doesn’t have any cleanliness problems.

Hygiene: Wedding Food Catering

Ensure that there is proper hygiene. Your chosen wedding food catering provider in the UK should be particular about hygiene. Else, you will come to know later that you have served your guests unhygienic food – which has led to food poisoning in some. Hygiene comes with cleanliness. Ensure that the caterer and his staff wear clean clothes and wash their hands properly before cooking and serving. Make proper arrangements for detergents, hand towels and tissue napkins.

Staff: Wedding Food Catering

Is your caterer providing you with serving staff or you yourself have to make an arrangement in this regard. Usually, most of the wedding food catering contractors provide their customers with serving staff, who look after the guests, pamper them and keep them happy by remaining at their beck and call for the entire wedding day. They should be ever ready to pick up any paper litter or the like thrown by kids or other guests so that the venue looks spick and span. There should be provision of clean dustbins as well, which can be used by guests to throw waste.

Few Other Tips

  • Ask your wedding food caterer to provide you with copies of their catering and liquor licenses.
  • Enquire if the food will be cooked by the same chef whose prepared samples were made available for you to taste.
  • Inform the wedding caterer to keep sugar free items separate.
  • Ask him to tag the food items properly.
  • Ask him to keep one staff member in each stall so that in case any of the guests want to enquire something about the item, he can get an instant reply.
  • The extra food, which has not yet been served, should be kept at a hygienic place, with proper heating and cooling facilities.

The best wedding catering menus are coordinated well. They comprise the best food items. Everyone will forget the bride and the groom after the marriage, but they will remember the food, which, if lavish, will water their mouths every time they think of it and if bad, it might be the last time they will think about it.  Go for the best wedding food catering in the UK so that your function is remembered happily by your guests – something that will be remembered as the best moments of your special occasion.