Asian and Indian Wedding Catering Ideas

A wedding is the most special occasion in any one’s life. This is what makes a wedding reception a very special event. Wedding receptions can be conducted in great style to delight the guests and make the event hugely memorable for all. It is not necessary to spend a big amount of money to create a great wedding reception. Here is an interesting list of some very unique but practical wedding catering ideas that can ensure a wonderful wedding reception without upsetting your financial budget for the occasion:

Wedding Catering Ideas For A Tented Wedding Reception

It is common to have a wedding reception in the garden or lawn of a private house, where the number of guests may usually range anywhere between 50 and 250. If the gathering is small, say up to 50 guests, you may let the caterers make use of your own kitchen to prepare the food. This will economize the space as well as cut down on the expense.
However, for a larger reception, you may have to put up a caterer’s tent, which is usually installed next to the main wedding marquee. To meet the power requirements of the caterer, a mobile generator may be required. Table linen, furniture, crockery, and cutlery may also be supplied by the caterer. The selection of the items would have to be in consonance with the budget of the host.
Menu often holds the key to making the reception truly special and exciting for the guests. Here are some exclusive menu ideas to go with the season in which the wedding reception is going to take place:

Wedding Catering Ideas for Winter

If the wedding is scheduled to take place in winter, there is a great opportunity to make the entire setting more romantic. The menu can play an important role in adding to the romance of the occasion. The appetizers can include a hot soup, while the salad can be given a miss to keep the budget in balance. The entree may include roast meat such as pork or turkey along with mashed potato and other veggies of the season. The dessert may have a bread pudding or freshly baked cookies.

Wedding Catering Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season of joy and excitement. An ideal menu to go with the mood of the season would pay more attention to fresh vegetables of the season and fruit. A mix salad would be a great idea for appetizer. Traditionally, asparagus is an important part of all spring weddings. It can be used as a side dish, or can be used as an ingredient in a cold soup. Lamb or chicken can make the ideal main course in a spring menu.

Exclusive Wedding Catering Ideas for Summer wedding

For some reason, summer weddings always turn out to be hugely popular with most people. A number of exotic dishes can be a part of the summer menu because of the wide variety of foods available in that period at affordable prices. BBQ chicken, fried chicken, or pork chops make excellent entree items in this season. Coleslaw or grilled eggplant is popular as a side item. Ice creams and cool drinks are a big draw for desserts in the hot summer season.

Menu Ideas for Fall: Wedding Catering Ideas

The weddings in fall are unique because of the transforming colours in the environment. The menu can match with the colours of the season to create a happy setting. Cranberry juice along with a mixed salad could make for an excellent appetizer. Ham, chicken or turkey could be the best options for entree. If you prefer a conventional option for dessert, a pumpkin pie or an apple pie could be the right choice, which most guests would appreciate always.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Catering Ideas

If you are looking at low cost options to hold a wedding reception, a DIY affair can be among the best Wedding Catering ideas. Such a reception can be held by renting out space at a private room, or within your home if there is sufficient space for the number of guests invited to the occasion. All it needs it sufficient amount of planning and attention to detail in order to ensure success of a DIY reception. The menu must be kept simple, and such items must be chosen that can be prepared in advance and can be served easily. The costs can be reduced drastically with this kind of a catering, and guests will be hugely pleased because of the homemade touch and personalized service from the hosts.

A Catered Buffet Or Snack Reception: Wedding Catering Ideas

If you are contemplating a wedding reception on a tight budget, consider the idea of a catered buffet or snack reception. It is likely to cost much lesser than a multi-course sit-down dinner. Such a reception can be held at a local restaurant or a church hall, and a small or mid-sized caterer can provide the catering services at an affordable price.

Fancy Wedding Catering Ideas

If you have a liberal budget that allows for an exquisite wedding reception, you may look at the option of a sit-down dinner at an exclusive venue. It could be a posh hotel that is known for its exceptional catering services, or it could be a fine dining restaurant or a country club known for its hospitality at such events. The meal could include some fine hors d’oeuvres, an elaborate 3-course meal, exotic wines, or an open bar for the guests.

Professional wedding caterers are the best persons to come up with various exclusive and innovative wedding catering ideas. They are in touch with the latest trends in the world of catering, and within the given budget they can suggest some truly unique and interesting options to make the event memorable. The choice of a wedding catering theme also depends upon the profile of the expected guests. Therefore, the hosts must pay attention to all factors and consider all available options before going ahead with the choice that suits them best.