Catering for Wedding Receptions

Wedding time is an incredibly exciting time which allows family and friends of the couple to rejoice the couple’s new status. Whether you plan to have a conventional dinner or casual relaxed breakfast in the UK, you must organize everything far in advance and you need to have professional catering for wedding reception.

Planning a wedding reception catering could be felicitous and overwhelming job for a host; however, you need to be pretty sure about your budget and expenditure before you plan a catering for the wedding reception in London.

Ensure that you decide on the location, which is highly important factor to suit your budget. Decide on where you fancy your guests to have their wedding food.
If you are slightly indecisive, then ask for recommendation from wedding or event organizers, who would help you picking an appropriate venue to fit your bill by all means; for example if you are organizing a wedding reception at the hotel, then you will have to plan your budget accordingly.

On the other hand, throwing a wedding reception at a church or home would not necessarily be very expensive affair and you will definitely not have to splurge money.

If you choose to plan your wedding reception party at convenience of your home; make sure that you have that much space to accommodate the invitees.

Moreover, if you are not confident enough to accommodate your guests, it is always advisable to organize wedding reception in a hotel or a private hall for better comfort and convenience.
It is always recommended to plan your catering for wedding reception well in advance. If you start planning six to eight months prior to your wedding date, then it would invariably help you in organizing the wedding reception more meticulously and smoothly.

How to Organize Catering for a Wedding Reception

Once you are done with the venue in the UK, you must consider planning for a catering for the wedding reception. When you think of organizing your wedding reception, make sure that you hire a reputed caterer who takes the load off your mind. However, be very specific in giving instructions and guidelines to your caterer to avoid any catering chaos. If you are unable to find an affordable wedding reception caterer in your area; make sure that you inquire about the reputed as well as economical caterer from your florist or your cake maker.

Seek professional in-house caterers: If you have a plan to organize it in a private hall, then there is possibility of hiring a professional in-house wedding reception caterer that would completely understand your needs and provides you with professional & high quality service. Moreover, they are more experienced in the catering industry and can offer you better food and beverage with their specialization and skill in a particular cuisine.

Gather information: If you are unable to find a professional caterer, you must consider taking recommendations from your friends and relatives who have recently got married and have had perfect wedding reception party. Apparently, you can seek some information from the yellow pages as well for wedding reception caterers.

Specific requirement: Make sure that your invitees are served well and be a considerate host By any chance, if you have any specific catering requirement like ‘halal or kosher or vegetarian dishes,’ then you can inform your wedding reception caterer well in advance to avoid facing any kind of embarrassment in front of your guest.

Comparison: At the same time, to serve your guest better and organize the entire event more gracefully, you must ensure that you shortlist a couple of event organizers and wedding reception caterers and take their quotations to suit your budget as well as requirement. Meanwhile, you can relatively compare their rates keeping in mind the quality of service they offer.

Time of wedding reception: Depending on the availability of venue it is highly important that you decide the ‘time of the wedding reception’ accordingly; decide on what exactly you fancy ‘exquisite summer meal around 2 p.m. or elegant winter dinner at 8 p.m.’ and inform your wedding reception caterers.

Queries for Wedding Reception Caterers:

Menu: Enquire about setting the menu, ask the caterer that whether they would go for the set menu or would consider your preference as well.

Each course: Explore the options that can be created for each course and ask your caterer about his suggestions as well.

Sample analysis: After deciding the menu, always make sure that you or any of your family members taste the sample of menu prepared by the caterer.

Status of cooking: If you are throwing reception party at marquee or hall or your home, ensure that your caterer provides you with all the information whether food will be pre-cooked or prepared at the venue.

Storage facilities: Make sure that your caterer comes well prepared with all kind of food storage facility.

Wine included or not: It is essential that your wedding reception caterer gives you the accurate picture of the package and whether wine is included in the package or not and how many total drinks are included in the package? 

Clearing issue: Enquire about the post clearing as well; most caterers do clear away the stuff; however, make sure that you reconfirm with your wedding reception caterer about the clearing issue and especially if you require the serving staff to serve drinks after the meal.

Creating a Food Theme:


One very important thing when you are planning catering for the wedding reception that will linger in your guest’s mind is the ‘food.’ It is highly essential to have a strong and astounding food theme. If you are proud to serve your guest with traditional and lavish English menu, you can serve your guest with bangers and mash followed by a traditional roast beef or can keep Yorkshire pudding or ice-cream for the dessert.  Typically, traditional English meal comprises of hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer, the main course, wedding cake and coffee.


Food options:


For better planning of catering for wedding reception, decide on your option of food to be suited to any palate.

Pre-dinner drinks: It would be ideal to allow your guest with an option of open bar so that whenever they feel like they can grab a cool drink or hot coffee along with crunchy snacks like pretzel or Pringles or tortilla crisps.

Appetizer: You must offer your guest tiny puff pastries with various dips and miniature quiche; however, it is essential that you keep these appetizers finger-friendly so that your guest would remain bit peckish for the main course.

Main course: Main course should be served according to the wedding theme; option varies from beef wellington, filet mignon or stuffed chicken breast with creamy potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus; however, if you fancy meal to match with your casual outdoor reception, then go for barbeque with potato salad, macaroni and cheese, baked pasta or beans.

Dessert: Your wedding cake undeniably serves as great dessert; however, you must ensure that you arrange for other dessert as well like brownie, cookies, tiny tarts or miniature dessert filled with truffles and decorated with roses and cherries.

Having a great and memorable catering for wedding reception and seeing off your contended guest leaving the venue is undoubtedly a great achievement.